The Fat Loss Factor Review

Dr. Charles Livingston, the creator of the Fat Loss Factor program, has made a name for himself due to his amazing insights on how to lose weight fast, naturally and safe. Losing fat and getting that lean body is an unreachable dream for many of us, due to two main reasons: the culture we live in and the increasingly delicious foods available today. However, if many people consider that this dream is unattainable, some of them rise up out of mediocrity and create groundbreaking weight loss programs. One of these innovative people is Dr. Charles Livingston.

Let’s Meet the Author

Since he was just a little boy, Charles Livingston had a strong desire to help people stay healthy and live each day at its fullest. After graduating from college, he followed several courses and programs in order to become a licensed chiropractor and a certified advanced nutritionist. Also known as Michael Allen, the author of the program named “Fat Loss Factor” is a motivational speaker and a wellness professional who strives to help people from all over the world to get a flat belly, six pack abs and have a healthy lifestyle.

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How Does The Program Work?

This program is a 12-week comprehensive exercise and diet regimen that comes with 3 different weight loss plans. This program is specially designed to cater to anyone, regardless of age, sex, weight or physical ability. The program includes the main eBook, workout plans, a master cleanse video, a recipe book, goal setting guides, a grocery shopping list and extras.

Fat Loss Factor comes with the following weight loss plans:

1. Quick Fat Loss Plan: this plan is specially created for people who want to give up most of the unhealthy foods they like to eat and are willing to exercise on a regular basis.

2. Steady Fat Loss Plan: this option is designed for people who want to keep eating their favorite foods and prefer to do as little exercise as possible.

3. Turbo Fat Loss Plan: perfectly for people who are willing to cut back on all unhealthy foods in their diet and are eager to try an intensive dieting and strenuous physical activity.

The weight loss program is structured in three phases:

  • Master Cleanse: Lasting between 3 and 10 days, the master cleanse phase focuses on cleansing your body from all toxins that have been built up over the years.
  • Alkaline Food Diet: During this 2 weeks-long phase, you will focus on eating raw foods full of nutrients.
  • Structured Phase: In the next 10 weeks you will use two main fat-burning techniques to shed off the extra pounds and stay healthy: small & frequent means and cheat day.


Some of the benefits of this program are

  • Customizable
  • Very Easy to Understand & Follow
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Personal Coaching
  • Access to Lifetime Updates
  • Unique on the Market

Some drawbacks  are

  • Difficult First Stage
  • Additional Investment of Money and Time in the Long Run
  • Demands Commitment


Fat Loss Factor is undoubtedly a miracle system with proven results. Even if it requires time and commitment, people who decide to give it a try will be amazed with the results. This product has broken new ground in its niche, helping thousands of people from all over the earth shed off their extra pounds and get the lean and muscular body they have always wanted.This holistic approach to weight loss is probably the best available on the market, so don’t forget to take Fat Loss Factor into account when you are planning to start a weight loss regimen.

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